Calum hood reads poem - extended edition


calum hoods vows: *clears throat* onece a pon a time

5 Seconds Of Summer Amnesia (3D 2019)
5 Seconds Of Summer
Amnesia (3D 2019)


 After a long and successful journey around the world 5SOS became one of the most popular bands ever. Though in early 2019 the band decided to take a break to spend some times with their families & friends again. When one day you decide to go to that pub to watch a free gig you heard about you can’t believe what you’re seeing up on that small stage. Three barchairs, with 2 acoustic guitars and a bass with a lightning sticker on it. Beside those instruments and the chairs there was a box, a familiar one. There were 2 “x” on it and you didn’t even need to read the name that was written on it, because you knew who it belonged to. You closed your eyes and remembered the day you heard this song for the very first time with the same intro-speech echoing in your ears: “Feel free to cry.”



Ashton coming home with a car full of Girl Scout cookies because he couldn’t say no to their faces.

  • white people: this is SO spicy
  • me: it's water
  • #49 Country Pref | You're from Mexico
    #49 Country Pref | You're from Mexico






    ”Too hot- I need water- Fast.” Luke coughed eyes tearing, face red as tomato making you sprint over to the fridge, ripping it open before taking the milk out. He didn’t even want a class he took the carton out of your hands before opening it, taking down long…